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Selecting the Right Vendor and Ensuring a Successful Implementation in Seven Key Steps.


Every day companies and public organizations make decisions on major procurements in support of the business. More often than not however the results are only marginally meeting the expectations. Studies have shown that 30-50% cost overruns are no exception. If we get to a result at all!

An extreme example is the Dutch railways sinking about 100M(e) of public money on a train system which was never put into operation due to poor scoping, vendor selection and implementation. But also a European bakery spending 4Meuro on a pastry machine which was never delivered as the vendor could not get it to work properly according to the somewhat ill-defined specifications.

Can these sort of disasters be avoided? Probably never entirely but at Procure & Track we believe that good results of major purchasing decisions are often based on following some basic steps, keeping them simple yet implement them with discipline. The Procure & Track Methodology is focusing on the key steps one should take and identifies the major pitfalls along the way. It combines the fundamentals of good scoping, vendor selection and implementation in one easy to follow approach.

For who is it intended?

-Owners or business leaders of companies or organization lacking professional procurement or program management teams

-Procurement and Program Management leaders looking for a simple and structured way to help their company or organization select the right vendor and complete a successful implementation.

For the cost of less than a couple of hours of professional consultancy you buy yourself a methodology which has proved to be successful around the globe!





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